Hydraper Finance


Hydraper is a groundbreaking new Defi protocol that seeks to simplify Defi for the public while also making blockchain more approachable and easier to use in the long term. This is accomplished through a single product ecosystem created on the Binance Smart Chain, which includes, but is not limited to: Hydraper Wallet, Hydraper Dapps, Hydraper Staking, NFT Mart, Hydraper Starter.
Hydraper is a one-stop shop for popular Defi goods that are utilized on a regular basis by all Defi users.
Our mission in developing our platform is to enable broad access to the top Defi technologies in a single location.
Hydraper DEX will be an automated market maker (AMM DEX) decentralized swap on the BNBChain network. It will allow users to swap their tokens – even small amounts – without needing to engage with order books. Prospective traders can make their trades at the best rates with low fees, via a simple and intuitive front-end interface.
Users will also have the chance to provide liquidity to the trading pairs on Hydraper DEX. A significant portion of the trading fees incurred on the Hydraper DEX will be distributed back to the liquidity pools. Over time, and depending on the trading volume on Hydraper DEX, this increases the value of the liquidity pool (LP) tokens that providers hold.